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Toby A. Ten Eyck

Toby A. Ten Eyck

Associate Professor

439 Berkey Hall
College of Social Science
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI

(517) 353-8671

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Toby A. Ten Eyck (Associate Professor) received his B.S. in Vocational Education Studies from Southern Illinois University (1992), his M.S. in Sociology from Portland State University (1994), and his Ph.D. in Sociology from Louisiana State University (1998). Much of his work since coming to Michigan State University has focused on public perceptions of food concerns, such as viruses and bacteria and genetic modifications, as well as how the mass media have reported these issues. Between 1986 and 1994, Professor Ten Eyck worked as a radio broadcaster in Eugene, OR (KZEL), Blountstown, FL (WYBT&WPHK), Laramie, WY (KOWB&KCGY), Puyallup, WA (KJUN), and Auburn, WA (KGRG).

Toby A. Ten Eyck studies the role of critics and audiences in determining the value of art, including urban art such as graffiti.  By engaging the literature on standards, art and art criticism can be seen as a form of risk communication, whether the art beint critiqued is hanging in the Guggenheim in New York City or is spray painted on a box car in Iowa.