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The Center for the Study of Standards in Society (formerly the Institute for Food and Agricultural Standards) is a multidisciplinary teaching, research and policy analysis institute at Michigan State University that focuses on the social, economical, political and ethical dimensions of the creation, enforcement and review of food and agricultural standards. Below is a list of outreach initiatives that we have engaged in.

Featured Initiatives

TSPN: Standards, South-South Trade & Opportunities for Advancing the Sustainability Agenda

The annual conference of the Trade Standards Practitioners Network (TSPN) is approaching! Do not miss the opportunity to meet and interact with colleagues from around the world.

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CS3 to co-sponsor Risk Science Symposium, University of Michigan School of Public Health

To succeed in the 21st century, governments and corporations will need to think differently about the relationship between innovation and health risk.

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Interface of local food/water systems and emerging nanotechnologies

Dr. Pat Gehrke, a colleague from the English Language and Speech Communication Program at the University of South Carolina (USC) along with MSU, CS3, has arranged a small and informal discussion session with people interested in – but not necessarily knowledgeable about – the interface of local food/water systems and emerging nanotechnologies in Traverse City, MI. Over the past several years both USC and MSU, CS3 (Center for the Study of Standards in Society) researchers have been studying the social and ethical dimensions of nanotechnologies.

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CS3 Standards Seminar Speaker Series: Angus Beef Standards, 12/15/10 Anthony Hall, Rm 1279, 12:30pm

Presented by - Dr. Scout Calvert, Assistant Professor from Wayne State University, School of Library & Information Science

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